Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once-a-month “cure” may cause life-long problems
While fluoride can decrease the occurrence of dental decay, too much of it can be highly toxic and can cause dental fluorosis, or little brown spots to ...

YEMEN: Spotlight on water contamination
“Osteomalacia [bone disease] and dental fluorosis were observed in these areas as a result of the excessive intake of fluoride,” Abdul-Salam said.

Fluoride debate focuses on money
... what it cost to repair these damaged teeth(fluorosis) which resukts from fluoride poisoning and the self esteem issues for the victims that it causes. ...

Water, Or Lack of It, Becomes an Election Issue in India
In the 31306 villages affected by excess amount of fluoride in drinking water, this causes a dreaded and incurable disease fluorosis in human beings and ...

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